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Abhishek International is co-ed school providing educaion to all with high values for secularism.The School endeavours to create an enviroment, which generates love for learning and stimulates independant thinking and expression in a very lively, affectionate homely atomosphere. We inculcate values of all round development and the art of discilpline of living.


Admission is open to all children irrespective of race, nationality, religion, caste or gender.

School Facility

Educational facilities include not only classrooms but also athletic facilities and playgrounds, and even libraries off school property. RAND studies have examined the role that educational facilities have on influencing education, academic achievement, and child health and well-being.


The locality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions and all other products of human works and thoughts that a person has grown up and belongs to it, is associated with countries and regions.

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