Teaching Methodology

Our Methodology

Abhishek School Programme combines preferred practices in school education with the fastest growing methods of the world-renowned Play way education system. The programme recognizes the uniqueness of every child and develops it further.


Abhishek School Programme facilitates opportunities for social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth of the child. The age-appropriate learning environment enables children to reach their fullest-potential.

Special Feature

There is a strong bonding between the students and teachers. Parents are often amazed at the love, respect and obedience children show to their teachers. The emphasis and focus is on the overall and complete development of the child – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Soft skill development like decision making, leadership skills, communication skills, team work, problem solving are also taught to the children which helps them to excel where ever they go.

The Annual Gathering provides a platform for exhibiting their hidden skills and developing their confidence on stage for annual exhibition the children enjoy making plenty of projects and explaining them to the visitors.

The market day, fun fare, Night out, Sports day and other events are conducted for their development. They learn team work, planning, organizing, time management, working towards a goal and may other things through these events.

Our students participate and excel in academic as well as co-curricular competition.

They appear for exams like – NCO. IMO.  IEO Scholarship, MTS etc.

They also participate in interschool competition under all areas like Dance, Singing, Sanskrit Shloka recitation, sports etc.

Yogasana Sudarshana Kriya.

Different types of meditation, chants, Sanskrit sholkas stotras, thoughts from an early age.

A unique child friendly value based teaching methodology.

Self skill development and mind mapping.

Creating and imagination nurtures.

Developing multiple intelligence.

Holistic and all round development of the child.

And Many More...

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