Teaching Methodology

  • Abhishek International School follows CBSE pattern. The school believes in Student Centered approach to instruction following an inquiry based and interdisciplinary curriculum involving teamwork, motivation and collaboration of students, teachers, staff and parents. The focus is on encouraging inquiry, exploration and in inculcating growing confidence in key learning skills like-reading, writing, listening, speaking, information technology, problem solving, management skills and observation skills by following various methods like games, songs, creative projects, debates, quiz, graphic organizers, group discussions, role plays, etc. As per the CBSE guidelines the school follows CCE (Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation) pattern for assessments. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation refers to a system of school based evaluation of students that covers all aspects of development. The scheme is thus a curricular initiative, attempting to shift emphasis from testing to holistic learning. It aims at creating good citizens possessing sound health, appropriate skills and desirable qualities, apart from academic excellence. It is hoped that this will equip the learners to meet the challenges of life with confidence and success. The students shall be assessed for both scholastic and cocurricular excellence. Smart learning is a broad term for education in today's digital age. It reflects how advanced technologies are enabling learners to digest knowledge and skills more effectively, efficiently and conveniently.